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Greek-Swedish, Karina Hadjisava was born in Manhattan, New York to a prominent Shipping family and prides herself as “A little friend of all the world”. 


Educated in Switzerland, multilingual and multi-faceted, Karina successfully built long-lasting and solid bonds with fine and diverse individuals from all corners of the globe, creating an eclectic ‘network of influence’. Due to her Family's enterprises, she had the good fortune of traveling extensively and ‘seeing the world’, exposing her to a plethora of extraordinary experiences, cultures and traditions while always remaining true to her own identity and ethos.


A respected social figure on the ‘international stage’, she inspires innovation and vision in the worlds of Architecture & Real Estate, Art & Design, Yacht Chartering & Travel, Media and Philanthropy.


Bridging her unique elegance, talents, work ethic and passion for the Arts and Luxury Lifestyle with business and philanthropy, she founded Pontos Imperial Group in 2014 with a vision in redefining luxury living. 


Devoted to her mission in delivering unparalleled quality and sophistication, together with her eclectic international team, Karina invites you to experience the 'Art of Luxury Lifestyle.'

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